PD78X Dual Modes (Analog+Digital)
PD78X*/78X*G can operate in either analog or digital mode. It is compatible with the prevalent analog system, ensuring a smooth analog-to-digital transition.

Versatile Voice Calls
Intelligent signaling of PD78X*/78X*G supports various voice call types, including Private Call, Group Call , All Call and Emergency Call.

PD78XG supports viewing of GPS positioning information and sending of GPS text message.

Data Services
PD78X*/78X*G supports data capabilities of sending Private, Group text message. It also supports Third Party to control the radio via Third party API (GPS, Radio Registration Services, Radio and Call Control, Telemetry♦ , Data Transfer♦ ), via Telemetry control to radio.

Various Analog Signaling Types
PD78X*/78X*G supports various analog signaling types (HDC1200, DTMF♦, 2-Tone and 5-Tone), various squelch control types (CTCSS/CDCSS), thus providing higher function expansion capacity to the analog world.

Supplementary Services
PD78X*/78X*G supports supplementary services of Radio Check, Remote Monitor, Call Alert, Radio Enable and Radio Disable.

Multiple Languages
PD78X*/78X*G supports 13 languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Greece, Portuguese and Korean, allowing users to select it per their needs.

One Touch
PD78X*/78X*G supports One Touch features that comprise of Text Message, Voice Calls and Supplementary Services.

PD78X*/78X*G supports scanning of pure Analog voice and signaling, pure Digital voice and data, and also mix mode scan that comprise of Analog and Digital activities.

PD78X*/78X*G supports automatic roaming of all sites in a IP Multi-Site Connect systems.

Privacy of Voice and Data
PD78X*/78X*G supports Analog scrambling, and digital encryption using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) *1and ARCFOUR (ARC4) encryption methodology to both voice and data.

Analog/Digital Telephone Interconnect (via DTMF signaling)
PD78X*/78X*G supports simplex voice communications between radio and telephone users. It allows a radio user to make a telephone call; or a telephone user to make either a Group or Private call to radio users. This feature utilizes the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Analog Phone Patch boxes and a Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) line to connect the radio users to the Corporate Office Phone System (PBX) or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Software Upgradable
With this capability, you can enjoy firmware upgrade without purchasing a new piece of radio hardware!